Imagine Results

Imagine Results is a company that helps organisations and individuals to grow and develop. We have a strong track record of assisting people to vision, identify and achieve their aims. This may be learning a new skill or overcoming barriers that limit success.

Jude Goddard and Mike Shillabeer work with people from all kind of backgrounds and at all levels in business to make their ambitions become real. Starting with the premise that deep down people know what they want or what is holding them back, Jude and Mike help people voice that for themselves. They also understand what ownership and empowerment means and help people to truly own their success and take responsibility for their own development.

Jude and Mike use traditional business development and coaching techniques and draw on their learning from the world of psychotherapy and personal development including Transactional Analysis, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Cognitive Behaviour Techniques.

We have started this blog to add our ideas and thoughts to the debate about development and learning and hope that readers will find value in what we publish. Please feel free to contact us.